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The girls call them ‘customers’ or ‘clients’, in the general public they are known as ‘Johns’ but within their own circles they refer to themselves as ‘hobbyists’ or ‘punters’, but just who is the average guy who pays for sex? You might have an image already in your mind but the true fact of the […]

There will always be people in the world that are weird about sex, and sometimes those people have enough power to put their hang-ups on the rest of us. We’ve put together our 10 favourite sex laws from around the world that will leave you scratching your head in utter disbelief.

If you’ve been married for a few years, and especially if you’ve had kids together, keeping your relationship hot and fun can be tricky. It’s completely natural to end up in a rut, and it’s also completely natural to want something more. Need some tips to get out of that rut and bring the spice […]

Few professions are as shrouded in myth, misinformation, and ignorance as sex work. Across the globe workers in the sex industry must deal with social stigma and prejudice on an almost daily basis. And so – in an effort to put that right – we decided to shed light on some of the most popularly […]

Where I work there is a fantastic booklet on “How to be a Great Escort” so that helps with the “what to do’s” “whats expected” “what to offer” and the “payment” issues. But to really get in the mind set to prepare for my first booking of a night, I play fun upbeat music while […]

It was a dark and stormy day when I decided to call Affordable Escorts. My wife’s been dead for 6 years and sometimes I just get so sick of being alone. When I rang the receptionist and explained that I didn’t want a full sexual service, I just wanted someone to come and talk with […]

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I was in Melbourne for the weekend again; I work as a sales rep so I am always on the road and away from my girlfriend. This obviously puts a strain on our relationship so when I am home I usually get the cold shoulder. So here I am alone in a motel room, I […]

I have never been lucky in love, all my relationships seem to end too quickly and I never seem to know why. I’m in my 60’s and live alone, work keeps me busy but I do enjoy company on the weekends All I am looking for is someone attractive with whom I can have a […]

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My girlfriend Lisa and I were house sitting for my parents while they were in Thailand, they have a beautiful 5 bedroom house with hard wood floors. By the end of the first weekend we had done it in every room including the laundry, on the floor in the hallway and the kitchen bench, so […]

I’ve been working as a high-class escort for a few years now. Not many know about my secret double life, this is something I keep private for obvious reasons. I mean, can you imagine my parents’ reaction in discovering that their only daughter, a straight A grade student educated at exclusive private schools and who […]